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E: info@ahscasa.com.au
PO BOX 10304,
Adelaide BC, SA, 5000

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The AHSCA was formed in the eastern states in 1974 by a group of 12 industry professionals, with the SA Chapter formed in March 2005. The membership has grown to include corporate and individual members Australia-wide. Our Member services and benefits are targeted towards expanding the careers and influence of hydraulic services and fire protection consultants and associated organisations.

The AHSCA identifies areas of interest and concern for members and then addresses these topics through the development of best practice papers, seminars and policy decisions.

Aims and Objectives of the Association:

  • Promote the advancement of hydraulic and fire protection services and design.
  • Unify hydraulic services and fire protection consultants on an Australia wide basis.
  • Bring about greater co-operation and understanding between the members of this association and all the professional bodies involved within the building industry.
  • Improve and elevate the technical knowledge of the hydraulic and fire protection services and design industry as a whole.
  • Unify methods of hydraulic and fire protection services designers throughout Australia.
  • Facilitate solutions to industry problems pertaining to design as it affects the profession, community and general public.
  • Advance the specific interests and education of the hydraulic and fire protection services and consulting professionals.
  • Increase the desire for scientific achievement in the field among members of the association.
  • Serve the best interest of the country, state, clients, community and general public.

The Committee:

President - Andrew Shinnick

1st Vice President (Technical) - Paul Lind

2nd Vice President (Training) - Marie Beerbaum

3rd Vice President (Membership) - Derek Harris

Treasurer - Derek Harris


The Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia Inc. (SA) is the association of consultants and designers engaged in the design, specification and inspection of hydraulic and fire protection systems such... Read more