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The Committee

The committee coordinates and integrates membership services and policy recommendations as appropriate. They evaluate and review the effectiveness of all member services, along with monitoring industry and association trends.

They organise membership meetings and are active in identifying topics, speakers and program agendas to achieve meeting objectives and continue to ensure that meetings are a value-added membership benefit.

For more information on individual roles of the committee please read below.


The general responsibilities of EACH Executive Committee member are:

To abide by the statutory requirement o the Associations Incorporation Act, as amended.
To promote the AHSCA (SA) Inc. within, and beyond, the building industry.
To maintain regular contact with other industry related bodies such as the Master Plumbers Association, ACEA, Standards Australia, local Councils, Public Works, CUPDR, NPRRPG and others.
To encourage new members to join.
To identify areas of common interest/objectives to be pursued.
To assist members to develop their business or further understanding of technical issues.
To help affiliate members firms who have new and innovative products to exhibit such products for the member information.
To advocate members compliance with the AHSCA (SA) Code of Ethics.
To develop the membership base, particularly from the areas of TAFE and junior hydraulic/fire protection designers.
To notify the Department of Fair Trading regarding a Notice of Vacancy in the office of Public Officer, and such new details.


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