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As an AHSCA member you become an influential participant in the creation of national standards. You keep up to date on all industry developments and you gain extraordinary access to industry leaders and future Employment Opportunities.

The AHSCA continually strives to provide a professional and representative voice on issues of significance in our growing industry. In addition we offer a range of services to members addressing topics of interest through industry news items and hydraulic engineering and fire protection events.

Join the AHSCA

There are many benefits of belonging to the AHSCA, and we are continually working to create more value for members.

The AHSCA membership application process and continual professional development program ensures you or your company is recognised as a trained and skilled industry specialist. Our advocacy and lobbying efforts strive to achieve best practice within the industry, and our education program, seminars and conferences enable you to expand your knowledge and build your network.

Rewards of Membership   

As part of this Association you enjoy the many benefits afforded to all members as listed below:

  • An opportunity for Contact with other consultants and technicians who may have unique areas of experience.
  • To increase your expertise and Education on relevant topics for the industry, through industry specific events, seminars and workshops.
  • Inclusion on CPD and accreditation register, giving Recognition which is highly regarded by architects, developers and public authorities.
  • Access to current Job Opportunities within the industry.
  • Representation in the government, community and relevant industries.
  • To take part in an Exchange of ideas relating to design principles and methodology, including Forums for open debate on technical and professional issues.
  • Be informed of new products, technology and up-coming regulation changes through seminars, technical papers, general meetings and publications.
  • Affiliate members have the chance to display your products to industry colleagues and businesses.
  • Access to recommended fee scales and levels of professional service, ethics and conduct.