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ISO Standards

ISO Standards Australia

The National Technical Committee (NTC) of the AHSCA is represented on the committee of Standards Australia representing the Hydraulics and Fire Protection industry and has voting rights to approve new standards within this organisation.

Standards Australia is a common link for the Australian Industry.  It is internationally renowned for its role in the development of standards and is recognised by the Government as the primary, non-government standards body in Australia. 

The association is an organisation dedicated to setting high benchmarks to meet the growing expectations of the Australian Community.  Standards Australia proudly promotes excellence in Australian design and innovation through the Australian Design Awards.

Through this web store you can buy all Australian, ISO and IEC Standards, plus a range of publications from other national and international organizations.

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Standards Australia is recognised by the Government as Australia's peak standards body. It develops Australian Standards of public benefit and national interest and supports excellence in design and innovation through the Australian Design Awards.

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